Artist Statement

I paint and sculpt entanglement and movement.
I am interested in expressing visually the connection between what exists in our world. Everything is mingled, intertwined in perpetual movement.

I use colors, shapes and fluid movements to mix together the different plans and subjects. Those subjects must exist in their environment without obvious separation. I cross lines, colors, shapes and plans to create confusion and harmony. Confusion because the subjects are entangled with the background; harmony because the colors and shapes move fluidly and comfortably. The subjects determine the form, the colors determine the movement. Those elements are than stirred to exist together.

I paint and sculpt in this manner because the repetitive act of the work allows me to deepen my understanding of our existence and my relation with my surrounding. The softness of the curbs imposes a meditative practice that opens a door to our world. The play of colors, because they demand patience and reflection, allow me an intimate relationship with my work. The combination of both gives me the opportunity to exist fully in this world.