Dare to Dream

Dare to dream sculpture project.  Two sculptures where unveiled at the Cultural Olympiads, Place de la Francophonie, Vancouver, in February 2010.

This project emerged out of the artist’s desire to communicate intimately with others and to talk about our common humanity.

Through the fabrication and showing of two sculptures, Patricia Lortie-Sparks explores the dreams/aspirations and the fears of over 500 people who have agreed to share with us by answering the two following questions:

Sculpture #1: What are your dreams or aspirations?

Sculpture #2: What stops you from acting towards your dreams? Or, what did you overcome in order to advance towards your dreams?

The first sculpture honors people’s dreams, small and big.  It is made of a bronze hand open and offering a fire like assemble of forged metal ribbons.  On those ribbons are written (in French and English) a collection of dreams from people across Canada.  The open hand allows for the expression of dreams that we often keep buried inside ourselves.  This act of opening up is like permission we give ourselves to express our dreams as well as welcoming those of others.

The second sculpture talks about peoples inhibitors.  Things like fears, habits and life situations preventing us from acting towards our dreams.  It is made of a closed bronze hand that is trying to hold on to a variety of glass objects.  Those objects represent a selection of inhibitors collected from people across Canada.  Here, the closed hand is kept prisoner by its action of holding on and remains unavailable to open up to possibilities.

Exhibit at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

The pieces where unveiled in February 2010 at the Place de la Francophonie,  on Grand Ville Island, Vancouver, a branch of the cultural Olympics.

The artist was able to observe the impact of the sculptures on the public and is very happy to say that the work does reach people.  They identified with it on a personal, often intimate level and where able to open up to the artist.  Patricia cherish the memory of many intimate conversations with complete strangers who’s names she will never know.  Strangers who recognize in this project our share humanity and our struggle to become who we wish to be in spite of our busy lives and ingrained patterns.

Example of answers received:

Female, 10-20

Question #1: I dream of being a better person, and doing what is right.   Even though we all know we choose ourselves over others, we often strive not to.   I dream of not being famous, but brave and kind.

Question #2:  I believe humans hold on to the opinions of other too much, instead of what they think.   We often look to wealth to solve problems, or only buy to show we can afford it and know what’s popular.   We also forget that we have family and friends with us, yet choose to be popular and wealthy instead.

Female 20-30

Question #1:  I truly wish for a pure and clean heart and a smile with no pain.

Question #2:  I  think I am holding on to past memories, sadness and to materialistic things which keep me from moving ahead in life and enjoy life completely  

Male, 30- 40   

Question 1  Both my dreams and aspirations are simple. I have been lucky enough to find my path in life. Being almost certain of what you are supposed to be doing on this earth is a gift from God. I have gone to university and followed that precoincived path that many of us follow because is the “right thing to do” but my soul always pulled me in a different direction.  One day I gave up my career and my country to follow my dreams; My soul won the battle inside of me and now I am able to communicate with people through a unique form of art; being and artist has always been one of my dreams.  My other dreams have to do with family and friends.  I enjoy having a beatiful family, a wife that understands me, children that are full of life and great friendships.

Question 2  Fears and limitations are always present no matter what I do.  I try to face them without thinking I will fail, but thinking that they are there to teach me something.  Habits are important because they are the result of the attitude that I have in every asptect of my life; When I show a possitive attitude over time that will become a good habit. Life is not easy, neither is following my dreams, but the hardships are essential for me to enjoy the success and to keep me focused.


Male, 40-50

Question 1: To wake up each morning glad to be alive, happy to face the day’s challenges, and feel a sense of self worth.

Question 2:  Self doubt.  Self criticism. Feeling that everything I do could be done better.

Male, 40-50

 Question #1: To be at ease with who I am and not question my beliefs and values.   To have an inner peace and be content with my life.   To come to accept my limitations and have a sense of security and acknowledgment that being here is just a game and that it’s ok to have fun.

Question #2:   General anxiety of dealing with everyday life.   A feeling of unease with myself;  the turmoil within and my self worth.   Fears of success and happiness.

Female, 40-50

Question #1:  A world without hunger and sickness

Question #2:  I hold on to fear.

Female, 30-40

Question 1 I dream of writing a book that helps many people heal.  I dream of really playing and being creative in any form I feel like in the moment.

Question2 Getting busy/distracted with things other than my dream.  Fear of not being good enough.  Fear of being hurt.

Female, 40-50

Question 1:  Honouring commitments made by myself, to myself.

Question 2:  Food addiction.

Male, 60-70

Question 1:  I want to “let go” of the need to be so regimented because as I get older, everything appears to get just that much harder.

Question 2:  Since retiring I thought life would become simpler.   That I could relax and enjoy the things and travel that I yearned for when “my time was not my own”.   Instead I have taken on numerous projects that have caused just as much stress as when I was gainfully employed.   I haven’t learned to relax.

Female 60-70

Question 1 I dream for a more simple life for my family . By simple I mean instead of a life full of material goods and useless activities to one that is  filled more with the love of life itself. The sharing of a days pleasure in doing for each other , in stopping to look at the sunrise, smell the roses, taking the time to visit, laugh and share together. As a family we are working towards this vision by becoming less materialistic, by reaching out to others , by sharing in a lifestyle of caring rather than selfish persuits. Are we there yet, no not by a long ways but we are working towards that goal .

Question 2 It is too easy to be caught up in useless activities, television, video games, texting rather than real communication and doing. I think the follow the leader action is still very real in that it is hard to break the habit of having to have…Friends have so we want, is very real and probably the biggest obstacle to overcome. Fears of if we don’t work harder, longer, more hours we won’t have enough to live on.

Female 70+

Question 1 I wish to reach a level of peace, enough to be strong in this life for the benefit of others.

Question 2 I wish to lose the fear of poverty & loneliness that sweeps in, whilst in the process of working toward a higher vibration of being in order to service others.