Entanglement: noun: a situation or relationship that you are involved in and that is difficult to escape from.” Cambridge dictionary

When I was a child, there was a magnificent maple tree in front of our cabin in Québec. It was the fullest, tallest and strongest of all the trees in the area, and I felt privileged to climb it. It made me feel safe and at peace. It was during those climbs that I discovered that my tree was in fact two trees. They had grown so closely together they had become one. Their trunks, roots and branches had merged so that they were supporting one another.

At the time, this was a surprise to me; that two separate beings could become one, and that both would benefit from this union. It was my first awareness of entanglement.

Later in life as I made my way forward as an artist, entanglement naturally emerged as the main focus of my work. This is what I do: I paint, draw and sculpt entanglement and movement.
I am interested in visually expressing the connections between all that exists in our world.

Patricia tells us about her work in this video